I Love You Like the Light

She ponders inaudible words 
How can this love remain true?
She turns her head, scanning the sky for red
It pours forth its vibrant pink hues

Coffee poured, she’s settled once more

Light beckons through thin linen curtains

She speaks softly as if others might hear 

But it's early and not a soul draws near

Inspired-by-Judi-Risser-Nova-Scotia-Sunrise-Photography-by-Judi Risser-fish-shack

Defying streams of gold and blue

The pink outruns rich streams of burnished wine

Oh my beloved, how can you still not trust?

The love of God exceeds the very essence of time.

Locations- Stonehurst and Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia,

Early morning,13 August 2021

© 2021 Poetry and Artistic Photography by Judi Risser