Bound by Beauty

In the depths of my despair

Beyond the menacing fog and haze

I was guided to a new place


At the shoreline, I looked up

And saw grace, splashed across the face

Of an early morning sky


Spanning wider that the eye could visualize

Transforming, moment by moment

As if a living, breathing being!

Beyond Reach

How can it be?


That a morning sky showered upon me

Such vivid beauty, opening my eyes to new truth

Re-awakening all my senses to You 


The deepest hues of blue, pinks so alive

As if on fire, majestic purples, oh so regal!

Angst was forced to flee its host named lethargy


As I gazed into a sky afire,

I wondered at others... Do they too 

Sense You, here, there, everywhere?


Words written in colour spoke

Clearly to me, hues of hope,

Tones of truth, streaks of light and clarity


Day by day, You shower us

With intimate displays

Of Your presence, Your holy essence


Who dare ignore You?

Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Redeemer

Let everyone believe and be forevermore at peace.

Location of images- Stonehurst, Nova Scotia 

© 2021 Poetry and Artistic Photography by Judi Risser