A New Day

Image Title, The Light Knows No Bounds



The sun is pulled deep

Into a perilous sea.

Darkness crawls across

The night sky, ominously,

Quiet, like a thief.

Chaos and mayhem settle up.

Misery creeps out of worn,

Torn and weathered spaces.

But the light, oh the light!

Tiny beacons burst through

The dark and dense

Fabric of the night.

Image Title, The Light Touches Everything



Living proof...


On such a night as this,

When it seems the darkness

Might swallow me whole.

Hour after hour, time gnaws

At all the pain I hide

From the daylight.

Time seems relentless.

But the darkness does fade

Into a new dawn

A soft light, a new day.


Location of Images-Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

© 2021 Poetry and Artistic Photography by Judi Risser